A sa hi ma tsu hikari

あ・さ・ひ・ま・つ・光 三代目小池精米店








商品ブランドと、企業ブランディングを同時に展開。「三代目 小池精米店」、



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"Asahi Matsu Hikari" is a product developed as a wish for the reconstruction of Tohoku.

The wish for the Tohoku reconstruction, which is the light waiting for a bright future, is put on it.
In the case of
Koike Miya shop in Tokyo · Harajuku released as a product to eat and compare the differences

in the taste of rice in Tohoku six prefectures to various people.


"Asahi Matsu Hikari" is a naming that pulled out words from "rice" brands in the six prefectures.

The pictures in the package were taken from the top right with the rice of each region being

the product in the form of the prefecture.

This project carried out product branding and corporate branding.

Developed a brand message "Three generations Koike Rice store" and "Produce direct rice, rice fun".

I also made PR manuscript when the president appeared on TV programs.

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