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A project to attract tourists to Toyo Town, Aki District, eastern Kochi Prefecture. We rebranded the site mainly for sightseeing.
From the beautiful river and sea, we created a homepage with emerald green and turquoise as brand colors and wave curves and splashes as motifs.
After that, we  proposed  to make brand movie and the town decided to make it. We shot the town with a drone, which was still rare at that time. Not only the movie itself, but also the original logo used in the movie has been well received so that it can be used in other tourism businesses.
A character"Kokera-chan" based on  the traditional "Kokera sushi" is also born.
In addition, we proposed to change the name of the playsets on the sea to "Beach Hopping". This area was reborn as a tourist spot that can be enjoyed by adults as well as children.

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